12 September 2010

Time Flies When You're Growing FAST

So, I've heard your clamoring & I'm finally getting around to updating you on me! I've been busy lately. Here's a recap. I turned one in June.
Here's my one year old smile!
I was really excited!
We were short on forks.
I went on vacation to Door County, WI with Mommy, Daddy, & some good friends. I got this cool new ride before we left & we went everywhere in it. I even rolled in it to the beach!
I was glad to get out of my ride & spend some quality beach time with Mommy & Daddy too.
They got to spend some quality time together on these kayak things. I was a little too small to go, but took note of how they maneuvered them, so some day I'll know just what to do.
I also got to ride in this sweet pack while we went on hikes. It was so comfortable I even fell asleep in it.
Daddy pulled me behind him in this buggy while everyone biked. Fell asleep in this too.
Print this one out and cut it up--makes for a great puzzle.
I stood up for the first time all by myself while we were at the beach. I think my tongue helped me find my balance.
We stopped at this place where my parents made me stick my face in this hole and pretend I was having a good time. I wasn't.
But, I got the hang of it after awhile.
I also LOVE to talk! Here's me chatting about something & pointing it out (finger in one direction, toes in another).
I have a LOT to say these days. I'm very curious about all these new things I see throughout the day. I frequently say "What'sdah?" while I point to something. This one of my favorite questions. Probably because it can mean so many things. For example: "What's that light about?" or "Please give me that food," or even "I want that thing I know I can't have, but if I say it cutely enough maybe you'll give it to me!"
Enough for now. I'll update you again soon. -McKinley

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