17 July 2009

Vacation (pt. deux)

I loved vacation so much, I made faces like this all the time: It would have been nice if mom and dad let me roam a little more. How is a girl supposed to maintain her tan under an umbrella? Mom hooked me up with a sling for a little while, which was a great way to enjoy a little jaunt up the dunes overlooking Lake Michigan. The best part of vaca might have been the morning paper, followed by naps.

15 July 2009

Vacation (pt. 1)

So for the past week or so I've been on my first vacation. Mom and Dad took me to Michigan to enjoy the beach, some great weather, and some relaxation. Here are some pics, along with some of my commentary. Thanks! --McKinley

I'd never been in the car for an extended period, but we loaded up, headed out, and I did a great job traveling. It might be one of my new hobbies. While I'm still getting acquainted to most everything, I took to the beach pretty well. With my awesome complexion, mom kept me all lathered up with baby 55+ sunblock. Also, I found my tongue. As if the SPF a billion weren't enough, I doubled it up by sporting this swell beach cap. The down time on the beach gave me plenty of time to ponder and muse about a myriad of issues... ...and plenty of time to hang with Mommy. But after hitting the waves and the rays, I was pretty well wiped out. Good thing they sprung for the king, because when I kick it, I need my space.