18 June 2009

Just the Thing

Our friend Erin Duggin is an amazing artist and photographer. Her artwork and her products can be found at Just the Thing Originals, and she blogs at This and That. Last week she took McKinley's baby pictures. Here's re-posting the photos Erin put on her blog. If you're in the market for photos of any kind, give Erin a shout. She's fantastic! Thanks Erin!

17 June 2009

Happenin' Little Lady

So our happenin' little lady has been out and about lately. Here are just a few of the things she's been up to. First, she had a doctor's appointment early this week. She was an excellent patient, and was wildly entertained by the mirror. McKinley went on her first play date this week with Mary Grace, whose parents we met in our childbirth class. At this point in our lives we don't make a lot of new friends, but we really have enjoyed getting to know these folks. They had us over and deemed it a "babyque". Mary and McKinley hit it off. She also hit it off with her new friend Annalyn, born just a few days after McKinley to some of our best friends. The wives made a little baby pile. No matter where we're off to, she loves being in the carseat. And after all the excitement is over, McKinley's favorite thing to do is have a little nap time with her dad.

10 June 2009

That Face

She is so rarely fully alert, so when you catch her like this, it's pretty great. While I was gone, Lauren somehow initiated a full scale Royal Rumble between McKinley and a neighborhood ewe. Judge for yourself who won.

07 June 2009

The First Weekend

McKinley is already quite the social butterfly. Being an outgoing and attractive young lady can really fill up the calendar. Here are some of the highlight from her busy weekend:
After leaving the house only for a couple of doctor's visits, we took a nice little walk along Grant's Trail. We also spent some time walking around the remnants of what once was Crestwood Mall. She apparently finds the movement soothing, because she slept through all of it. However, she did not sleep through, nor did she find comforting, bath time. Not even the awesome duck-styled towel wrap could ease the displeasure of the experience. In order to make up for the duck-towel ordeal, we got her a bird shirt. She enjoyed it so much that she decided to do her best lark impression. Of course, there was some good down time with dad in there. But all down time must come in moderation, so Ms. McKinley took some time to hone her vastly improved ninja skills.

04 June 2009

Uncle Colin

Lauren's brother, Colin, has a degree in photo journalism. The night McKinley was born he brought his camera and took some great shots. Here are just a few.
Grandpa Webb
Grandma Beckner
Uncle Drew
Grandma Webb
Aunt Allison

03 June 2009

Two Days Old

This last one is actually from right after the delivery; seriously, who looks that good after 22 hours of labor?

Grandpa Beckner

02 June 2009