25 August 2009

12 Weeks

So yesterday I turned 12 weeks old. That does not, however, mean that I have learned to do my hair.While cosmetology school hasn't fit into my plans as of yet, working on my posing has been. I call this one "the gun show".--McKinley

20 August 2009

Busy Month

When I last posted, I was only six or seven weeks old. Now I'm a robust eleven weeks. It's been very busy and very fun since then. I had a nice long visit from my Great Grandma (she wants to be called "g-nanna"), and we moved into a new house. Needless to say, I've been a mover and a shaker. Here are some pics from my latest exploits. --McKinley When at my Grandma Webb's, I like to ride the laundry train. But I wasn't just there to play around; I'm quite the folder. Like I said, my G-Nanna was in town from Philidelphia. Man, did we have a good time. We first met at an inopportune time for me (I was pretty cranky), and G-Nanna thought I might have some sort of grudge against her. But a new diaper and a little down time, and I got in some really good time with her. It was so good to meet her and be loved by her. Not to make both my grandmas feel left out, I had to spend some time with them, too. In the middle of all that I had my two month check up. I'm healthy as can be. Mom's feeding me well; it's going mostly to my cheeks and thighs. I past the dozen pound mark--plenty of room to grow. That's the happenings for now, but I'll hit you up with some more of my exploits soon.