19 September 2009

Post Labor Day Fun

Now that my first fall is unofficially upon us (and I learned the hard way about the not-wearing-white rule), there have been lots of awesome goings on around the home front. First and foremost, I am finding that I can make all kinds of curious and interesting sounds. Soon I hope to be able to share some of them with you, but for now we shall stay with tried-and-true pictures. Let's roll.

This is my cover shot. I'm going out for baby of the year: Like anyone else, though, I do have some things to work on. Recently I've pioneered a new exercise technique to combat those baby fat rolls. I call it "the grab". Here's a demonstration: Yep, you crunch those abs and grab your feet. It's extreme. I prefer to use the comfort of the changing table, but you can use any surface you like. When you show it to your friends be sure to give me props.

Nana came over the other day and we did a little photo shoot. It was good times. Here are some of my poses:

Expressive Joy: Sassy Disinterest: Sudden Surprise: Three-Quarter Smile: All that work needs to be balanced with some play time, so Daddy and I did some flying: I may have a future in aeronautics. And I would be remorse if I didn't share with you the amazement that came with this new bouncy seat thingy. I don't know what to call it, but man was it fun! Catch you next time! --McKinley

07 September 2009

New Tricks

So now that I've passed the three month mark, I figure it's time to step up to the plate and learn some new tricks. The best place to start, I figure, is where my last post started--my hair. With all the time I spend laying on my back, quite a little case of "baby baldness" is creeping in back there. The solution? Sitting up! Okay, so I needed a little help from the Bumbo, but a girl's got to start somewhere. I've also taken to lifting up my head. It's lots of work, but totally worth it to be able to see over stuff. It's totally changed tummy time, which I have loathed for quite some time. Now at least it's slightly less bothersome. And while this isn't really a "trick" per se, I have been making my way around town, particularly to check in on my favorite ball club. I took mom and dad along.