21 December 2009

Favorite Toy

I've learned that being born into this family means several things:
  • We celebrate Christmas
  • We celebrate multiple Christmases
  • We celebrate at least two of those Christmases long before actual Christmas
Having now attended two family gift-exchanging festivities, quite the bounty came my way. There were thoughtful gifts that I will value more as I age (grandpa gave me stock...I keep a close watch on the Dow), practical gifts like my new "Crazy About Daddy" shirt, and downright fun gifts like the alphabet block set. But here I am playing with my favorite gift of all: Pretty sweet. --McKinley

12 December 2009

Me and Miss Erin

A few weeks ago Mommy and Daddy set up a little six month photo shoot with Miss Erin Duggin (she's an awesome photographer, and we highly recommend her for any photo shoots you might have in mind: www.erinduggin.com). Here's a sampling of the awesomeness that ensued.

I call this one "Dueling Hats." The purple one won. This is the new cover shot on my modeling portfolio: Gratuitous cheek shot: Of course there had to be a few Christmas looks in there: Yes, yes I am... This was a real tease--I thought we were vacation bound. I've only got so much fuel in the tank, and the needle was getting a little low toward the end. --McKinley

08 December 2009

New Best Friend

Recently I've met a new best friend. I've named her M'Binley. We're going to be BFF for sure. Here's us playing: --McKinley

02 December 2009

Flurry of Updates: Pt. 3: Skills

Recently I've acquired lots of new skills. From most fun to most mundane, here are some videos: #1. Eating (I've got this one down pat) Yup, step 1: laugh or yell; step 2: insert food; step 3: spit it out; step 4: repeat. Done.

#2. Rolling (step 1: throw your head to the side; step 2: let your body fall that way; step 3: get someone to turn you back over) #3. Sitting Up. As you can tell by this picture, this one is my forté: Here's a video from my early training days: #4. Laughing Like a Crazy Person for No Reason at All: --McKinley

Flurry of Updates: Pt. 2: Halloween and Late Fall

Fall may be nearly over, but the leaves just keep on fallin'. I strapped on my work boots and did all I could to help Mommy and Daddy pick up all the leaves. Personally, I think I was a big help. Though it's past Thanksgiving (which was great, by the way--I tried some mashed potatoes and a hint of gravy, which I promptly rejected), I never got to share with you my Halloween outfit: Yep, a Pea in a Pod. Pretty frightening, eh? Needless to say, I was able to scare all the other neighborhood kids with that get-up. For trick-or-treating I also had a joke that went like this: "wanna hear a joke...The Rams." Pretty good. It also works if instead of "Rams" you insert the name of any professional sports team from Kansas City. Recently Mommy and I had the chance to hang out with Ms. Katie and my friend Sophie. Sophie is, like, way older than me, but once I'm able to master my fine motor skills, I'm thinking we'll be able to play like champs. And I can't add anything more to this: I believe it's Peruvian. --McKinley