21 December 2009

Favorite Toy

I've learned that being born into this family means several things:
  • We celebrate Christmas
  • We celebrate multiple Christmases
  • We celebrate at least two of those Christmases long before actual Christmas
Having now attended two family gift-exchanging festivities, quite the bounty came my way. There were thoughtful gifts that I will value more as I age (grandpa gave me stock...I keep a close watch on the Dow), practical gifts like my new "Crazy About Daddy" shirt, and downright fun gifts like the alphabet block set. But here I am playing with my favorite gift of all: Pretty sweet. --McKinley


  1. when it falls off the counter, it's almost as if she says, "it's cool, yo. I mean to do that..." as she tenderly rubs the spot where her best friend used to sit....

  2. Hi McKinley!
    Claire's mom, Amy, here just stopping by to say hi! Merry Christmas!

  3. be careful up there, McKinley... you make me nervous!