14 February 2010

8-Month Update

Now that I'm 8 and a half months old, thing are getting pretty darn exciting. It seems every day is filled with new adventures. There are interesting things to grab, chew, bang on, try to fit in my mouth, etcetera. Here are just a few of my recent happenings.

Playing is totally my thing. Toys must be present at all times. Despite my best efforts, I have not yet mastered my fine motor skills, as evidenced by the following:
Perhaps you have noticed that it is winter outside. Since I am totally an outdoor kinda girl, having the proper attire for our excursions is a must. Recently I've been sporting this sweet little getup: Yes, that is awesome. It gets even awesomer when placed against its predecessor, which mommy and daddy naively tried to pull over on me. I call it the pink nightmare: I definitely won that argument. In fact, we all won. Win-win-win. [Apologies to the friend/family member/acquaintance/ex-friend who pawned that disaster off on mommy]. Other things I'm into:
  • Chewing on stuff
  • Really wanting to crawl but only going backwards
  • Bath Time (a.k.a. chewing on stuff when wet)
Before you go, here's a bonus: This is my video Valentine's Day greeting. I was trying to say hello, but got so excited nothing came out: --McKinley


  1. About. Freaking. Time.

    Also hilarious. Particularly the pink nightmare. How come you didn't mention that your daddy has a matching one in lavendar?

  2. OH SOOO cute! She is such a sweet girl!

  3. so i was watching this video while nursing isaac and the yelling made him pull off suddenly and look around like "OH NO! She's back!" Seriously, McKinley is just too much woman for him. :)